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May 2016

Unexpectedly and much to soon Jü was taken from our midst... I am stuck for appropriate words, however I am certain that Jürgen will live on in our memories-and of course his artwork.

This homepage shall serve as a worthy platform, on which his life’s artwork is shared with the world and hence a part of him will be allowed to live on.

As his daughter, I will do my utmost to let this page continue true to his beliefs as  and answer any queries regarding the artworks and exhibitions as soon as possible.

I am grateful - also on behalf of Jü - for all the enthusiasm and constructive thoughts of his friends, art enthusiasts, gallery owners and those interested in his life's work...

Best wishes, his sunshine Katharina!


1961 Born in Zams

(Jürgen Juen), was born in Zams (Tyrol) in 1961 and grew up in the Western Tyrolean village of Nassereith.

I had the desire to express myself creatively since I was a small child. When I was about fourteen years old, I discovered my love for drawing and began expressing my thoughts by drawing comics.

From 1976 to 1980 I served an apprenticeship as orthopedic mechanic and visited school in Graz, where I intensively studied human anatomy.


A Trip to India

In 1982 I went to India for one and a half years. During this journey I started to draw with sanguine and charcoal again. I also modeled and painted Indian gods and masks, designed jewelry, and made lay figures etc.

Back in the Tyrol I continued my job as orthopedic mechanic mainly for financial reasons.

Between 1986 and 1994, I mostly drew medium sized charcoal and chalk drawings in fantastic realism style in my leisure time.


January 1988

In January 1988, my sunshine Katharina was born. In spring 1989, I obtained the master craftsman certificate in Klagenfurt.

In my scarce leisure time as working dad I autodidactically experimented with several mixed techniques with acrylic colours. I used to get engaged with one specific theme, which I then reduced to what was really relevant to me at that time.


1995 EU-Project

In 1995, I was nominated by TKI (Tiroler Kulturinitiative) to participate in their EU-project "Wörter zu Tirol" (Words about the Tyrol). Three years later I illustrated a cookbook for the ARGE Weltladen Österreich (Austrian fair trade consortium) with comics.

After I had moved to Kössen, I felt a strong inner dissatisfaction concerning my paintings. At that time I met a sculptor from Wasserburg / Germany - Waltr List, who put three blocks of yton and some motivation in front of my entrance door.

That moment I discovered a new passion for plastic design, which gave me an opportunity to express myself more authentically in every aspect. By using the most different materials, such as yton, marble, clay, resin, non-ferrous metal, or wood, I went through a transformation which led to the use of a more surreal form of expression, which subconsciously tries to hold the tension of the moment and at the same time to open space for very personal stories.


Layered Wooden Blocks, Bronze and other Materials

For some time I have been working with layered wooden blocks, which I first shape with a chain saw, then rasp and abrade, and finally wax, to bring out the varieties of the colours and the wood grain. Sometimes I finish parts of the wooden sculpture with elements in bronze or other materials.


Participation in International Art Exhibitions

Since 2006, I have participated in several curated exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, amongst others a remittance work for Fuldabrück / Germany during EUARCA 07 (European Art Camp). I also participated in international art fairs, such as Shanghai Art Fair 2010 (China) and Art&Living 2010 (Rotterdam, Netherlands), as well as in the theme-based art-fair ArtQuerfeld 11 in Basel/Switzerland.


2012 Excursion into the World of Jewelry Design

In 2012, I took a break from working on large scale sculptures and dared to design necklaces and other precious objects.


An Interesting Project in 2013

In spring 2013, I accepted the challenge to design a nearly  8,5 m long  and   3 m high wall of art in one of the lounges and waiting areas of the newly built Rehazentrum Kitzbühel, considering room acoustics and several other parameters.


On a request

by the Greek embassy in Austria, referring to the 2nd Ayia Napa Sculpture Symposium on Cyprus, I submitted by means of model and draught my work.
After positive decision by the jury, the mayor of Ayia Napa invited me for the realization of my project, during the time from March 08th - 29th 2015.
In spite of small, partly weather-conditioned layoffs of work, I could finish the sculpture out of typical local sandstone in time and set up on the 27th of March in the sculpure park of Ayia Napa.